iPhone App TwitNinja Reader

  TwitNinja Reader is easy twitter's timeline reader without a twitter account. You can view a timeline as soon as you enter the screen name has been published. After indicate user's timeline,you can manage user's timeline by user's Icon. You  read timeline offline. The original timeline from Twitter posts can also be found on the WEB. TwitNinja Reader is a useful application for reading temporary timeline like advertisement, news, etc. The timeline can handle the latest 50 articles.

How to use
[Add user]
-Select Adduser tab.
-Enter screen name to search text area.
-Touch search button.
-Touch [+] at top right corner,then add user.

[Read user's timeline]
-Select Userlist tab.
-Touch user's icon,then you can read user's timeline.
-Touch refresh button,then all user's timelines are refresh.
-If you have the latest articles, the blue light is the icon of the user.

[Read article on Web]
-Select article on timeline.
-Touch WEB button,then you can read article on Web.

This application is twitter reader.So like you can not tweet.


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